OEMPHA® Kamen-Dortmund

Founded in 2009 in Kamen (near Dortmund) OMEPHA® INTERNATIONAL today comprises the combined competencies of:

  • - worldwide maintenance, repair & spare parts service and machine removals
  • - Tool and industrial needs in worldwide sales

01.Our History

02. Our Mission

Worldwide distribution of high quality services and products of the highest quality at reasonable prices.

  • Worldwide services in the industrial sector / automation
  • Worldwide distribution of high quality, industry standard tools and accessories

03. Our Vision

Based on the DIN EN 9000ff / DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 family of standards, all handling with internal and external customers takes place.
We develop reasonable profits with reasonable effort.

04.Our Values

We still count the "old" values and our word is a contract.

  • Internal and external communication in environmental management ISO 14001
  • Continuous improvement